"My ex didn't take care of him"

Little Bee (30) & Zac (30)

Zac never intended to have a dog, because his mum never allowed pets in the house. Xiao Bee (this translates into little Bee) was bought by his ex girlfriend. She bought him on a whim, like many HK girls do he explains to me. After they had split up, Zac noticed that his ex was not taking good care of Bee and that she was not spending time with him. So Zac took him to his place. His mum was a bit upset when he did this, but after 2 weeks she was the one who loved him the most. In Hong Kong Zac is not allowed to bring Bee to bars and restaurants, but as a barista at The Coffee Academics, everybody knows him there and although rare, sometimes he can take Bee. No matter how good or bad his day was, coming home to Bee makes Zac his day.

(Kennedy Town, Hong Kong)


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