“I call him panda because I think he looks like one”

Panda (1,5) and Ryan (26)

Ryan and Panda were walking along the water in Hong Kong when I asked if I could take a picture. They were more than willing and walked with me to a more neutral background. Ryan told me that when he first saw Panda, it was love at first sight. But Panda is still very young, he always wants to play and run around and he used to be very naughty and was a bad listener. But after Ryan hired a dog trainer for 4 times and Panda is a lot better behaved ever since. "See," he says pround, "..now I ask him to sit for you and and he does that very patiently" His is now so well behaved that the helper can walk Panda 2 times a day, and always when Ryan comes home he takes Panda running outside. 


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