Outdated regulations

Monnay (5) and Jacqueline (38)

When I met Jacqueline the first thing she told me about Monnay is how she eats everything.  And the first thing she shows me is the massive amount of snacks she caries with her for Monnay. 

Many Hong Kong families own and run factories over the boarder in China Jaqueline explains. Her family is no different and they own and run a metal working factory. It is quite common for factories to have guard dogs, but Monnay was not one of them. To find comfort in the harsh industrial environment where the factory is located, Jacqueline’s brother bought Monnay for distraction and companionship. At one point the family decided that they wanted to spend more time back at home and of course they couldn’t leave Monnay behind. They looked into bringing her from China into Hong Kong, but the outdated regulations in Hong Kong caused a lot of challenges. But after a lot of effort and money they figured a way and everybody is living happily together now. “From that day on Monnay naturally gravitated more towards me than to my brother” she tells me with a smile and slips Monnay an extra treat.

(Shueng Wan, Hong Kong)


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