relocation stress

Jayce (8.5) and Greg (39)

‘We are originally from Hamilton in Canada and have been in Holland now for 2.5 fantastic years. Also for Jayce it has been really good she loves the dutch outdoor life and the people and she especially loves our kids now that they are not babies any more. In fact, she can sense when the kids are not feeling well.  When they are home sick from school she doesn’t leave their side. Sadly we have to go home by the end of the year and I am trying to train Jayce about her crate. But she hates it now after that first trip. But we do have to go home and we cant leave her behind. Maybe I should put her in the create and bring her to really awesome places like the beach so she will associate the crate with a lot of fun when she gets to her destination.’

(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


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