Free and Easy Lifestyle

Junior (3) & Rex (48)

As a kid he moved with his parents to Australia. Their new next-door neighbour had a smart black and white sheep dog. From that moment on Rex fell in love with the energetic spirit of the breed. Years later he got his own: Cookie. When he moved back to Hong Kong he brought Cookie with him and they were palls till the day Cookie died. Heartbroken Rex searched on line and at the site of one of the local shelters he found a 7 week old a puppy. And hat pup looked exactly the same as Cookie! He didn't have to think twice and he adopted Cookie Junior. Now the two share a lot of time together from roaming the Hong Kong beaches to breakfast at the local canteen. All the locals know Junior there and love him for his kind and happy nature. About an hour after Rex and I said goodbye he send me a text message saying that one of the reasons he loves Junior so much is because he reminds Rex of the times he spend in Oz and that he represents the free and easy lifestyle Rex lives.

(Central, Hong Kong)


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