The CLIC leash

CLIC Leash Demo from Danny on Vimeo.

A short demonstration video on how to use our two unique innovations: the High5dogs CLIC Mechanism and the High5dogs Leader system. 

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The Leader Leash

Leader Leash Demo from Danny on Vimeo.

A short video demonstration on how to use the unique High5dogs Leader system to leash your dog in 4 different ways. 

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Making of

CLIC | the making of

This is a small video we made of the design process and how we make the CLIC leash. Enjoy!

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Leader system

Leader system | how to leash a dog in 4 ways



Dogs can be moody, and different people in a household like to leash the dog in a different way. With our leader system you have one leash and you can use it in 4 different ways. You lead!

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CLIC leash

CLIC | going for coffee 

No dog wants to stay behind in an apartment. We have made it easy with the CLIC leash for you to bring your pooch anywhere. Going for a coffee? Bring your CLIC.

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