“The only place oxy doesn't come with me is under water"

Oxy (2) & JP (48)

JP got Oxy (derived from Oxygen) when his landlord had a litter of mutts. Although none of his siblings made it, Oxy is probably the healthiest dog in the little village of Moalboal (Philippines) and one of the few who is neutered and had all his shots. As a free dive centre mascot Oxy greets everyone who comes into the shop with a friendly look and then turns around a lays down as close to JP as he can. JP brings Oxy everywhere he goes. "The only place where Oxy doesn't come with me is under water. And he is not allowed is on the bed. Instead he just puts his head on the edge and scratches me until I get out. If I ever move again, I will definitely find a way to bring him”. 

Living in Cebu in the Philippines, the Belgian JP runs a free dive training centre teaching people how to comfortably hold their breath and dive deep in a safe manner. Personally he still aims to reach the 100meter mark.  

(Cebu, Philippines)


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