Meet the Rozga-Kelly's Gang!

Katrina and Rob live in Kennedy Town in Hong Kong and since getting together they have adopted 4 dogs: Betty Spaghetti, Crotch Rocket, Flash Gordon & Willy Vanilly.

They adopted Betty Spaghetti (lifted in the middle) after seeing her face on the LAP (Life Long Animal Protection Charity) website. Betty is thought to have been used for breeding and had very bad skin as well as a lot of uncertainty about how to play, jump or walk on lead after years in a cage.  Every time she tried to jump, she would flip over and fall on here back. Luckily, she adapted to her new home quickly and is now a hilarious fun loving dog.

Betty is a sweetheart, but she needed company especially when both her parents are out for work. So Kat and Rob fostered more dogs, and one of them was Crotch Rocket (named for the way she dives between your legs when you stand too long in one place, reminding them of a motorcycle). Rocket was a street dog who then spent time living on a drug rehabilitation island providing company for the many residents but was in need of a foster after she was severely injured by a cow.  When they started fostering Rocket, she and Betty fell in love instantaneously. They wash each other’s faces and always look for each other’s company. So Rocket could not be given back, she had to be adopted too. She and Betty are the best of friends and Rocket has grown very affectionate towards her loving family.

And then there is Flash Gordon (in the sling). Someone had left him at a groomer with a mouth full of rotten teeth, several large lumps on his head, wonky legs and a collapsing trachea. Kirsten from Kirsten's Zoo (a local animal charity) asked if they would be willing to foster him and within 24 hours they decided to adopt him. He was in a really bad state when they got him; all his teeth and the cysts on his head needed to be removed so he needed several operations. He couldn't walk for more then a couple of minutes and couldn't jump at all. But he got a lot better and now he can walk short distances, he tries to chase after other dogs, loves exploring their terrace and doesn't need to chew his food, he just swallows it! He also has his parents to carry him around or lift him on and off the couch whenever he demands it (a spoiled little guy).

And the last one of the pack is one-eyed Willy Vanilly. This Pekinese was one of the 49 dogs found at a hoarder's residence. He was overweigh from his diet consisting of pineapple buns (a local Hong Kong sweet bread with tons of sugar in it) and his lack of exercise and had lost an eye to another dog. After a normal diet and some regular exercise, Willy also became an active member of this crazy family. The day he came to their apartment he decided this was his home an acted as though he had lived their all his life, running up to Rob when he came home, excited to see him just like the other dogs even though this was his first time meeting him.

When asked if they have to move to get a bigger space the answer was no, but they did get a bigger bed!

(Kennedy Town, Hong Kong)


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