Mina (6), Pongo (4) and Ferry (68)

‘There is a lady here in the park who rescues dogs from Spain and trains the dogs for the city life in Amsterdam before she finds forever loving homes for them. These two are also rescues and what makes their breed (Podencos) very special is that they are actually hunters that use their nose, their eyes and also their ears! So if they cant hear, they stand up like meerkats just to have a better view. As great as these animals are, their story is quite sad. In Spain many strays get treated really poorly. They found our Pongo in a hot thrash container as a puppy and luckily they found him in time. Before we got Mina, the dog rescue lady I mentioned before had another Podenco that she was training but she got ill and she asked us to take care of the dog because we had Pongo. It was a very traumatised animal, and somehow she got away from me. She boulted out of the park and after a long search we found her on the highway’ Ferry tells me with a lump in his throat. ‘I felt so awful for that poor dog. Later we got Mina from the same rescue lady. And with us she has found a loving home where she can play run around with Pongo and is safe.’ 

(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


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