Well trained pup

Negro (1) and Hartleyson (26)

‘When Negro was a pup of 3 months old, he got viciously attacked by a pit bull. Luckily Negro was still small and I could pull him away but I had to kick the other dog really hard. Which was horrible. The owner didn’t really apologise, he just said that he didn’t know that his dog was outside. Later I found that it wasn’t the first incident with that dog. A cat lost a leg because of him. That is why I train Negro very thorough. When I tell Negro to lie down, I can put treats on the floor in front of him and he wont take it. He will lick his lips, but he wont take it.’ Hartley says proud with a smile. ‘Because he is so big and strong, it is very important for me to train him well. The one thing he still does that I don’t like is that he likes to jump on people because he is so enthusiastic.’

(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


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